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20190518-_RJW0250How are you holding up, friend? What a strange season we’re all adrift in. Separate, yet together. I’ve been quiet here on the Happy Healthy Family Blog, but so busy over on my personal blog!

I’ve been busy sharing thoughts and resources over on Rachel Wolf Clean, and have been remiss in sharing those links with you here. So sorry to have left you out of the loop!

Here are a few recent posts that I think you will enjoy:


Wild and Tame Tea Sandwich Recipe

This free excerpt from my upcoming book, The Unplugged Family Activity Book is a fun and simple recipe for homemade pesto sandwich spread. It’s a cinch to make and is a delicious diversion!


Process over Product (processing over producing)

Reflections on how during quarantine we need not be striving to make, do, be, excel, and perhaps there is work to be done by simply tending our hearts.


Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt, another free excerpt from my upcoming book for kids and their families. A downloadable, printable page to take with you in your own backyard or neighborhood park.


Reaching for Grace, an acknowledgement that life is messy and no one has it all dialed in. Not now, not ever.


How to make beet kvass, the 5-minute ferment. You can do this!


If you have kids at home, my kid has you covered. With small, simple projects to keep your kids hands and minds engaged during long days at home. Lupine (my daughter and the “Lu” of LüSa) has launched a YouTube Channel, just for kids. Learn more (and link on over) here.


And finally, suddenly homeschooling? Read this. 

I hope these resources serve you and your family, and bring a bit of ease and comfort during these trying days.

Big love,

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