We’re essential


Here in Wisconsin, Govern Evers issued a “Safer at Home” order earlier this week, closing all non-essential businesses. However, as providers of cleansing products and personal care items, LüSa will remain open, making and shipping products to all who need them.

We’re breathing a big sigh of relief to know that we can continue delivering essentials like soaps and balms to local coops, natural food stores, and your homes.

Our staff, of course, is taking every precaution to stay healthy, and they have the option to pull the plug and stay home if coming in begins to feel like too much. We’ve established new sick leave benefits specifically for COVID-19, because we love our team like crazy and want them to be well (in body and in spirit). And members of our team who can work from home have already been doing so for 2 weeks now, leaving a team of just 1 to 2 people on-site at one time, to make product and pack and ship orders.

All this to say, great news: the soap making will continue. It certainly feels like more important work now than ever before.

Stay well, friends. This is a rocky road indeed, but we’re traveling it together.

Be well,

Rachel + Team LüSa

4 thoughts on “We’re essential

  1. Renee Tougas says:

    I’m so happy for your that you don’t have to close up shop. And I can imagine the strain of these changes on your family life and routines. much love to you Rachel

  2. Malkah Geller says:

    Yes, you are ESSENTIAL, dear Rachel and LüSa! You’ve been essential for me personally for a number of years now, and during this crisis you’re needed even more. I’m so happy that you can stay open — for all of us, and also for your own health and sanity. Much love and many blessings, Malkah

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