One small step: A year of small actions with huge impact


I’ve been thinking a lot about our planet and our future lately, and the changes we need to make in order to shift our trajectory as citizens of this lovely blue sphere. It’s something my kids and their friends are thinking a lot about too. But so often progress feels painfully slow.

I’ve been contemplating how daunting change can be, even for those of us with the best of intentions.

Our lives are busy enough without adding “saving the world” to our daily to-do list. And so we look away.

We feel overwhelmed with where to even begin, and so we don’t.

But climate change, pollution, microplastics, global extinction, and looming environmental disaster is everyone’s problem–and everyone’s job to fix. There’s no more time to look away.

And while our governments need to step up globally and act with urgency and without delay, I believe that this holds true for each of us as well.

We can’t just wait for them. We need to do something, too.

And so I decided to take one small step of my own.

Over the next year, I am committing to post a small, weekly or bimonthly challenge that you can take up to help reduce plastic usage, combat climate change, curb fossil fuel dependency, or otherwise have a positive global impact. Small, manageable, dare I say enjoyable shifts toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

These challenges can be tackled on your own, with your kids or partner, or with your community. I’ll share quick and simple swap-outs, easy DIYs, back-to-basics recipes, and other ideas that you can make your own and share with the world, reducing waste and reducing your environmental footprint.

In short, changes that would make your great-grandmother proud.


These aren’t huge life changes, either. They are small, simple, and accessible shifts that almost anyone can make. Yet they add up to a meaningful formula for change.

Every week or two, a new challenge; a new way to lighten your footprints on Mother Earth. A little something to empower you to keep going, to keep transforming, to keep doing something.

To keep making change.

Together these steps will transform the way you look at your habits, your impact, your children’s future, and the world.

Because change needs to start now, and it needs to start with each of us. And when we add one small step to another, week after week our impact is magnified.

Share these challenges with your friends and neighbors, gather with community to tackle them together, and now we’ve created something. Now small is magnified exponentially and we’re generating change on a bigger scale.

Because it matters. The earth is ready for us all to take action–one small step at a time. indeed, she needs us to.  Because there is no planet B.


Will you join me?

Sign up through the link below to be added to the LüSa Organics Blog email list. (Click here if you don’t see the link, then sign up with the green form at the bottom of the page.) Then each week when I post a new update, I’ll send you a link to the content. Join in the conversation in the comments below, challenge me when what I ask of you feels discordant or if I’m making assumptions from my place of privilege, expect the best of yourself and one another. And let’s do better, together.

Are you in?


9 thoughts on “One small step: A year of small actions with huge impact

  1. sagecat22 says:

    Love this — I’m already on your email list, so it popped up this morning. I look forward to taking do-able but meaningful action to help.


    Love this and so many other things you share. So thankful for your existence and “sharings” 😉 – I have learned a lot from you <3 i am so into this challenge and yes, I am already on your email list. Love and peace, Soraya

  3. Tina B says:

    Love this idea! Longtime blog reader and I’m stoked for this project. Small, bite-sized efforts are exactly what I can handle without being overwhelmed.

  4. Joan in California says:

    It’s so neat to think that in one year we can make 54 changes in how we do things that make the earth healthier!

  5. Vicki says:

    Looking forward to seeing all of the individual actions add up to something meaningful! Thanks for being a hub for one step changes!

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