Public service announcement: you can’t do it all. Ever. It simply isn’t possible.

(*Cue collective exhale.)

On the days I’m in my garden, I am most certainly not replying to emails. When I’m homeschooling I’m not running my business. When I am at my desk i am not in the woods.

So if you go superwoman and head to school for your master’s degree, you probably won’t find as much time for canning tomatoes. If you read that extra bedtime story, you may have neglected to balance your checkbook. And—god forbid—if you made some space for self-care, you run the risk of missing dinner with your kids, a lunch date with your sweetie, or that laundry that requests your undivided, unending attention. 

And I’m here to tell you that all of the these are a-ok. You decide if they feel worth it to you.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails through the years, marveling at how I “do it all”. Homesteading, homeschooling, small business, book! It’s like I’m a unicorn! Except that I’m not. Because you haven’t seen the state of my bedroom, nor the clutter in my barn, or know how long it’s been since I’ve balanced my checkbook (spoiler: decades may be involved).

No, life isn’t all glitter and rainbows over here, and anyone you perceive as “doing it all” isn’t. Because: humans.

It’s triage, baby. Everyday it’s triage, for all of us. And if you’re fortunate, the one who decides what rises to the top—what is worthy of your precious energy—is you.

So the upshot is, we all shine here and suck there. All of us do. We’re imperfect, often overwhelmed, and with laundry on the floor.

Because as humans, we can’t do it all. Not you, not me, not anyone. So don’t hold yourself to impossible standards, mama. You’re doing it right already, and you’re worthy of all the self love you can muster. Because you, my dear, are already a unicorn. 🦄

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