Welcoming puberty


As my children move from childhood into young adulthood, I’m reminded of how these transitions felt so heavy when I was a teen. Puberty, menstruation, the slow unstoppable motion from childhood into adulthood.

And I wasn’t sure where to go for good, solid, no frills information.

I hear similar stories from my friends, many of whom felt their parents didn’t adequately prepare them for the day-to-day reality of puberty, except perhaps to buy them a box of pads.

We all wanted to know that puberty–in its plethora of physical and emotional changes–was normal. That we were normal.


Today, as parents or other care-givers, we want to do more. We want to provide our kids with resources that will help them develop a positive, healthy relationship with their changing bodies.

With that in mind, I’m delighted to announce the LüSa Organics New Moon Collection, a welcome kit to the transition into puberty.


The New Moon Collection is a healthy, relaxed introduction to hormones, puberty, and the normal changes our bodies go through when menstruation begins. This delightful gift can open the door to meaningful conversations, or simply serve as a quiet way to acknowledge this important transition toward adulthood.

The collection contains several products that help support a healthy, happy menstrual cycle, plus a down-to-earth guide to taking care of your body naturally–during your cycle and all month long. The included 26 page New Moon Booklet includes common sense health tips, tools to manage discomfort during your cycle, and a couple of easy to make DIY recipes.


All menstruating teens are welcome here! With this in mind, inclusive language is used throughout. Discreetly (and sustainably) packaged; it makes a thoughtful gift.

Reserve one for your teen or preteen here.


Did you feel adequately prepared for puberty? What message or information would you like to offer your own preteen or teen that you didn’t experience during your own youth?


2 thoughts on “Welcoming puberty

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Such a beautiful package! And such an important, much overlooked topic.
    For my girl, puberty is still a long way off… but I find myself thinking about this topic and how I can welcome her first period. I wonder if I should acknowledge it in a special way and if yes… how? How does one mark that moment in a way that is not awkward?

    I hope that maybe one day you’ll blog about this :).

  2. Home Instead says:

    I love how Lupine holds her stylus! 🙂 As a child I held my pencil “weird” according to the school system but my parents didn’t push it. It’s such a blessing to have that freedom to create the way we want, especially something so personal as the written word. Blessings! 🙂

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