Giveaway: natural mosquito & tick repellent

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As you have likely guessed, we spend a good deal of time outside – hiking in the woods, exploring the hills and valleys of the Driftless, and setting of for our favorite foraging, hiking, or paddling places.

Yes, I take my kids into the woods – desipte living in one of the most Lyme disease prevalent areas of the country.

Why the confidence? Because from early spring through late fall, we never (literally: never!) set out for the prairies or woods without applying our natural insect repellent, Shoo.

Day after day we rely on Shoo for tick, mosquito, and (when we’re further north!) biting fly protection.

We feel safe and confident when we use it, and so do our kids.


But that’s just my take. Here is what our customers are saying about Shoo:

“This is the best bug spray we’ve used, hands down.”

“I think bug spray is on the top of our always wearing list!”

“Best bug spray ever!”

“It’s our go to spray! It works and is safe for the whole family.”

“This is a summer must-have for us!”

“This is my all time favorite product that you offer!!”

“Best bug spray around. My family loves it!”


I’m hosting a giveaway for a 4 oz. bottle for you (and, if you choose, for a friend that you tag) on both the LüSa Organics Facebook and Instagram pages! Instructions for entry can be found on each page, and I’ll draw a winner next week. (If you don’t have access to Facebook or Instagram, feel free to simply leave a comment below and I’ll happily add your name to the drawing.)

In the meantime, order a bottle of shoo and add a comment to your order of ““SUMMER BONUS” to your order notes, and I’ll include a free lip balm of my choice when we ship!

Offer expires 6/1/18.

You can find Shoo (along with all of our outdoor essentials) here!

Safe, effective bug spray for the whole family. Effective on ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies. #naturalbugspray #naturalinsectrepellent #rosegeranium #lymedisease


6 thoughts on “Giveaway: natural mosquito & tick repellent

  1. finsorfeather says:

    I am curious. I seem to be a tick-magnet. Prone to the wrong kind of attraction; i guess. I’ve used buzz away, cedarcide, and multiple other oil blends that seemed to work for other people. Due to the work i do, i needed to try and find away to deter the beasties and finally gave into some permethrin-impregnated clothing—and still found those lovely deer ticks. I even found a dog tick on the bottom of my sock in my boot; i think it was trying to work through the worn outer sock layer to get to the tend flesh below (tricked it with another sock!)

    Truly is amazing though; i got ten ticks crawling on me; my field partner found none…

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