Going palm oil-free


It’s official – we’ve washed our hands of palm oil.

(Cue confetti!)

Beginning today, every LüSa Organics product is 100% palm oil-free.

It’s a change we’ve been working toward for years, and we couldn’t be more pleased. (All this, and just in time for Earth Day.)

Why did we make this change?

To put it simply: palm oil is unsustainable. (Read the reasons why here.) It’s an ingredient we avoid for our family when buying crackers or other packaged food at the store, so why were we using it in our soap?

Even if our palm oil was “better”, we wondered, did that really make it “good”?

Because despite the palm oil we have used for nearly a decade being certified orangutan-safe, certified deforestation-free, and organic, we didn’t believe that it was going far enough.

Because we believe that any added demand on palm oil (yes, even of the sustainable sort) increases demand globally.


Help us celebrate this milestone with free soap! For every 4 bars of our new formula soap you buy, enjoy a 5th bar free. Choose from our Classic Soap Line or Goat Milk soaps.

To redeem simply order 4 or more bars of soap from the categories above, then add a comment to your order notes of “PALMFREE for ME” and we’ll add the extra bar or bars when we ship.

Offer good through April 25, 2018. Retail customers only, please. Locavore soaps not included.


The logistics of making this change were boggling. Team LüSa rose to the occasion and pulled it of with style and ease. I’m so thankful for the unflagging LüSa family; our passionate, conscientious customers; and for successfully pulling off this colossal transition.

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